Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stop for a while and stare!

I just have to post some other pictures from Kattaca, that I fell in love with. It's just drop dead gorgeous, nothing else. I'm in love how they work, the digital work, how they do the retuch and uses the clothes, I think I might die if I look at anymore things from them. They're in a league of they're own. I've never seen two people do anything like this. Oh, sure I love others as well. But when I compare what other people do to this, they don't do a shit, clothes wise. That's the thing. I truly admire them and their outstanding work of art. Because this is art, nothing else.

xo xo

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Elva said...

Ja nu äntligen är jag igång. Nothing can stop me now! Moahahahaha!

Vilka härliga bilder du lägger upp här jämt. Fortsätt gärna med det :)