Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Never use your heart, use your head, Nobody's on noboby's side...

I got around to really think today, about my lovelife, my feelings towards others and of course the usual, my ups and downs. I'm very conflicted to them, they are somewhat in the way when I am totally drained of everything or very upwards in a way that any normal, well then who is actually normal, humanbeing has. I've got a conflicted heart regarding a lot of things. I can argue both sides alot of times, but usually my more rationalized side wins, back in my teens all my life was either black or white, nothing else and letting my emotions control everything that went through my head. I would never want to go back to a life like that, yet I stay on both sides in matter when it regards my lovelife. But sometimes you just got to let the thing in your heart decide, and not to argue against it. Who am I fighting for? And why am I even fighting? Why can't I be satisfied with being like this, why am I always thinking that it is worth fighting for something more than it can be? So in matters of speaking, when do you realize that it isn't necessarily always better on the other side?

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