Friday, May 29, 2009

Won't you let it be, You got to let it be, Anyone can see... Just watch me burn!

Soon I'm off, not in a very good mood, I don't know? Backuped in a corner, really not knowing what to do today, yesterday was better, but I bursted out and were pouring out all the shit that I can't handle. So maybe I'm writing this to make myself feel a little bit better, not having to think about it all the time. All I want is to be a little fucking ordinary in my head sometimes, seeing things clearly, but sorry people, I won't be that. I will not be that and I don't want that either. I want the cake and eat it and still have it by me. The ones that are offended by me, when I'm like this, don't be that. These are confessions, maybe one day I will write down my really personal confessions, but not right now. Just let it be, can't you just let it be? Cause I can tell you that I'm going to do that and don't let the lights turn down, not yet even if they eventually do that.
I'm as confused as Alice is in the teaparty!

Now I'm off to choose a dress, because it's a dress I need!

I know it has to be flowers and prints on it, because I want it!


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