Monday, June 01, 2009

Foreign affair, Take a trip in the air, To a tropical beach, An island to reach...

This week is preperations week, I have a shoot on saturday and if everything work as I want it to do, it will be a smash. I'll be working with fabulous Nina and amazingly Elva again, and talented Emma from Synk Casting as our model. And we will also collaborate with Crazy Chickz, lovely jewellery makers, that make the extravagance in it all. And I am also going to borrow a thing from my dad, cause he have some things we might enjoy having in the shoot. Hehe!

And tomorrow, I'm meeting up with Rachel to discuss life, all kinds of things, everything we want to discuss. She is a lovely lady and she is also a great friend - even if she thinks I'm the hat crazy lady.

Now I'm gonna watch project Runway and forget about a lot of things that goes on around me.


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