Monday, June 15, 2009

I believe that we can achieve, The love that we need, I believe, call me naive, Love is for free...

I'm hooked on three different songs right know, not neccesarily in different genres, they're quite similiar, like Love etc. by Pet Shop Boys, Living On Video by Tranc - X (the original, so much better) and then you have Omen by Prodigy, and I love them, so fantastic music, everything that is synth or techno right now pleases my ears. Funny, I'm hanging on these tracks in one-two weeks, then I'm hanging on something else... Like soft music, hardrock or celtic or maybe I want to listen to the most unlikely thing for me, all depends in what mood I'm in. All that I care about is that I listen to music that sooths me, myself and I. But I do have a thing for synth and all kinds of electronic music. We'll see what I'll be listening to in one week.


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