Sunday, June 14, 2009

Too much of everything is never enough...

Last night I stayed up late, I read, fairytales, like Peter Pan and Brambly Hedge, I love them. I've always done that. I think I have 3 different layouts for Alice In Wonderland... Can you except anything else? I also have a lot of other children stories, I'm a junkie in that area. I belive that I always will have my own special wonderland, not in a psychotic way, in a pretty and convinient way that I always can go to when I want to travel somewhere else. Like today when it's raining and it's just grey outside. It's nice to just be inside then and take care of yourself. I feel sorry for those who have to be outside, poor things.

I wonder if all people has a price? I think so, and everyone can be bought. It's human nature.
Too much is never enough, even if it means that you dubble the harm you put on people. I'm just saying. Is life really a fairytale or do we need them to escape from reality?


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