Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is it written in stone or the stars or something else?

I've always wondered how far you would go for the one you love? I really don't know the answer, maybe you could tell me? I runaway everytime love acctually reaches me, maybe not all the time, but I want to be swept under my feet, have it all, the arguments, the tears, the laughter, everything that are included or that I think should be included in my own love story. Do you really know when you meet Mr/Miss. Right? I don't know. Maybe it's not written in stone how this love should be, maybe we have to form it ourselves and make it the best of it. Maybe the one isn't the one we except it to be, maybe it's the one we least of all expect? Is it truth about this: when it comes to love, is it like chess, and if so are we the ones last standing and do we have it black or white? Or is it pre-written for us, to just come and grab it...


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