Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kicking around in a piece of ground, In your hometown....

Listening to Pink Floyd, brings me back to my childhood. My mother introduced me to them when I was just a little girl, and they've been with me ever since then. Imagine your life without one of it's key ingredients, because Pink Floyd has that impact while just hear one or two songs. Sometimes I've listened to them in agony, when I've been mad, or calm, angry and all other steps of the path. They've always been there, like they don't have anywhere to be. I couldn't believe that I can listen to some of this stuff today and don't feel any anxiety. It's strange, some things in life always seems to give you panic other transform into something unusual for you and when you last expect it - it pops up alive, like nothings ever happened.

I can't believe people who say music has no impact on them, I just can't. Music (not the one to commercial without a singers heart behind) is something that is always there... Cause of all the different genres in music, I think it's for everyone. You can express so freaking much with words, but putting a melody with it makes it more, larger... Some music is larger than life, it's larger than what ever was made possible. Some things we say live forever, I say music is the one thing that will live forever and ever.

Lot of music is with me, but the key ones are and I think will be, Queen, Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, Madonna, Leonard Cohen and Mike Oldfield and all the others that becomes more special to me for every day that goes by - cause of the musical geniuses they were and some still are.


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