Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Somthing hallucinogen, but without taking anything...

The most scary things since television began childrenshows... Is these two things... Teletubbies (I used to think they were kind of cute, but no) and In the Night Garden. I remember when everybody thought Ika i Rutan was scary... This shit, is like been made of people who just are on a trip while they do it. Do it sound scary? You bet it is. It seems harmless on the pictures, but it is not.

Teletubbies, have an baby as a sun that is laughing in a quite maniatic way and In the Night Garden, it's like you're hallucinating. I don't know how the people selects this scary shit, but it's like just being pushed into mental illness.. And I'm not joking about that. They have all that screams: Oh, please get me out of here!

...and do what exactly in the garden?

Thank god for some shows that were normal, in a realtive perspective...
And thank you Disney! Even if those to scare people.

Sincerely a scarred woman namned Anna

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