Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Only the Beginning of the Adventure!

I can't eat proper meals just yet, but I'm coming... Slowly. It's like my stomache sais no, bigtime, I don't know how else I would cope with this... I just eat what I can, and don't bother... You have to do the best for you, nothing else. If this means me feeling better the next week, it's all worth it, cause next week I'll be gone. If I'm nuts for going, oh, yes of course. But will it be fun? Absolutely!

It's like I've been locked inside a chest and are finially ready to breath and to feel secure in my own footsteps, I think the big challenge I was up against is now gone, I breath, feel and live with all of me. Nothing is numb, or packed away in boxes or trunks. It's not you and me anymore, it's me. And if that makes me the most selfish and selfabsorbed person here, well people, deal with me or leave me be. I'm beinning the adventure of my life, and I'm certain that it won't be boring, grey or numb or anything less than colorful, wonderful, vivid, magical, and absolutely faboulos.


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