Friday, July 10, 2009

Is this slightly mad or should we go further down the road?

I'm already thinking about the next shoot, and my mind is spinning, I want to go crazy, no limits, no hesitations. I just want to see how crazy I can be and still make it into perfect. I'm not going to tell anyone else than the ones involved. And it's the same team I think, I already got Nina and I know Elva would be up for this to, I really hope so cause she can do miracles and we've talked about it. And Hanse with the hair, could you have a better lineup? Do you want to do this? Cause this is new territory and nothing else I've done, this is crazy, and nothing you would expect.

I think I'll get som inspiration from Kattaca (they are magical) and maybe a mix-up with Dalí and the surrealistict thing.
We'll see, my head is spinning...


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Elva said...

Klart vi ska!