Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seduction of a very romantic state of mind...

There is something really special about old things, it has a touch of history that is very present yet very far away. I have grown up with my father having antique stuff all around our place, it has almost become too much sometimes, I don't think I appreciate all the knowledge I've always had at my feet. Maybe I'm spoiled, but at this moment I love old, antique couches, chairs, paintings, jewellery, you name it... And photos, there's is a scent of an intriguing about those... I just fall back to a world that maybe wasn't more simple than ours (no, it wasn't), but it was damn more seductive than today...

All these photos is taken around the beginning of the 20th century (for swedish people, 1900-talet),
which is extraordinary, cause this isn't just photos it's art.
You can find more loving and creative picture from them of their art here!

I know for sure that when I get my own little place it will probably be all kinds of collections from different eras there...


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