Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guilty or not, what's my value?

Calmed panic? Does that really exist? I do not know, therefore the question. A part is ripping everything inside out, the other is putting it back where it belongs... What would you do? I just go with the flow, at least trying to do that. But reminding myself that I am human, and working for a better state regarding my values, thoughts and my responsibility that I have as a human. I can't say, that wasn't my fault all the time, hiding from what I don't want to touch or feel. Neither can't I deny that one thing I have is not my fault at all, but can I blame the genetics all the time, and where do I land? Am I guilty, should I hide or run, is it my fault? Or does my or your truth sometimes slides under or above?

Divided kisses

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