Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thoughts about being a brick in a wall..

I don't want to write about the catastrophic disaster on Haiti, not because I don't care, cause I do. I just don't have any words for what's happening. I can write about it now, I really do have thoughts about it. But let's take it like this, I will never allow anyone to take pleasure in human crises, or the violence around us - some people at Facebook created a donation group for the Haiti victims, but they changed it - into something where the money went to something else, in this case necrophilia (I do not say you can't imagine about stuff or wanting something, that's totally up to you), but to collect money from it. Is that okey? No, not for me. I don't think I know anyone who is into childpornography or domestic violence, neither sexual assulting women or men, violation is never going to be something I would accept. Sometimes I use to say that we're all just a brick in the wall (yes from Pink Floyd) cause it fits right there. I don't know - we're indivduals, but also the same, with the same rights and we have our freedom, but do we really?


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