Friday, February 20, 2009

Why should I feel sad, for what I never had?

I've got to do reality checks more often, it's nothing I can get away from, no matter how much I want it. I have to have control over my own body and that my friends isn't that easy as I wish it could be. When I feel better there's a reason that I don't eat so much crappy food, I don't need it to feel good and when I'm down I tend to eat everything (of course not everything, there's a limit) I can get my hands on. But that always ends when I do get better - and now I do feel a hell of a lot better. I'd never imagine that I should someday feel happiness, how the hell could I be so off track and think that I wouldn't feel that feeling. A feeling I feel and think that every living person should be granted to feel. So now it's time to start a healthy and better life! For the first time in my life (that would be about 22 years and almost 6 months) I do have a feeling that's comfortable and that isn't a usual thing for me.

I want to have something new tomorrow, but the thing is I really don't like buying clothes for the winter, it's so boring! You can although wear skirts and so on if you always have thick thights on, it's a saviour for me, cause I don't like wearing jeans, it's not for my body, that's a thing for sure... But I don't wear thick thights when I go out, then it's thin ones that's the option. Oh, I saw these shoes and adored them! Loove! But those are for the summer, not the winter...

Now I'm going to wash my hair, peel my body and do a facial treatment with the mask from Dermalogica!

xo xo

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