Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Beauty queens come so clean and go so dirty!

Sorry to throw my guts out on you, but I am so f'ing annoyed right now, so annoyed, that you wouldn't want to sit next to me. I'm a ticking bomb and I have no one to ventilate with. I do feel a bit alone right at this moment - maybe perhaps that the fact that I really don't belive in people around me, not all of you, but some of my really close aquaintances, I feel it annoying that I feel like this. I'm not a person who will do harsh things, I've done them already. Now I'm really thinking it through - and the conclusion I'm coming to, is, that I don't have a single clue on why I should keep these people in my life. No I'm not gonna tell you who it is, they'll figure...

To funnier things, I found a wonderful series of pictures from London FW, a photosession. I really liked it. I have to find inspiration for a photosession we're about to do. Some things have to be in order and I probably have to go through my entire closet, but that's fine for me. I always find things that I do not expect to be there, so I'm pretty happy when I realise that I have something I didn't even know about. Of course I knew it when I bought it, but then it has it's place in there and I never take it out, haha! I'm truly a shop-a-holic, I love it. But now it seems that I want to do my own things, it get more personal then, hehe! Lovely, I need new things... And when the things you buy isn't fitting, you do it yourself.

From the magazine: War

My wonderful baby!

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