Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fashion is made, To become unfashionable!

I'm not a fashionista, never was and never will be. But I do love fashion! I'm not the girl who puts on just anything that's fashionalbe right know. I buy the things I would like to wear and mix and matches them up so they don't get boring. A typical swedish person (sorry to say that) wears black, clumpsy heels and have no carriage at all. If you think running around in the latest trends is something that will make you go sky high on everybodys lips - you're deadly wrong. We need these people who are so out of the leauge that some people acctually have a chance to be in.

I have some recommendations for you, that I follow, I never buy anything thats' been in a paper/magazine (not ELLE that magazine is not included for me nor is Vouge, I love 'em), I don't think you have enough creativity to create your own wardrobe if you're following what one person tells you to wear. Sorry, Sofi, Ebba, Elin, everyone who thinks that they know what fashion is about.

Fashion is a state of mind, I always keep that as my head thought when I get dressed, in matters of speaking you can not never belive that my outfit hasn't been thought through enough - in some cases I just throw on things, like doing laundry - but you never know who you're going to meet and greet, that's a good reason why you always should look fresh. But as I said fashion is a state of mind and for my part also a part of my heart. Nothing else. Fashion for me is like expressing myself. The parts that I want to show and the parts that I want to hide. Know the secrets and you will get far.

Fashion fade, Style is Eternal - Yves Saint Laurent

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