Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am an impossible case, trust me on this one.

Today at 9. am in the morning I was at the hospital (yeah we have a little small one here) and went to a nurse (kind of a gynecologist) and did a test about the cells. I don't think I should go much further into that. But there I met an old friend of mine, Annie, such a lovely and wonderful person, after the horror we went through during this procedure we went to sit down and talk about stuff. I truly admire this woman. She has amazing skills in drawing, doing artwork and she is so f'ing funny I don't know what.

I love this by Annie, so all cred to her!

I want to buy new things but I don't know what, I hesitate in buying some stuff. Because I really don't know what I really want. I got this amazing silk dress that I bought from Asos this week, it's lovely and somehow I want more, but I don't know what I want more of. That my friends is a dilemma and frankly I don't know how to solve it. Nothing really speaks to me and no, that's not a new one, this thing comes and goes. I hate it! Make up your mind, you bloody woman!
Here's the dress anyway... Adorable! Maybe some other dresses... You see, I am an impossible case...

xo xo

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Annie said...

Aw tack! :D Det var fint att stöta på dig! <3