Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Honey is sweet, But not as sweet as you...

It seems that nothing really special is going to happen today, not that you will be interested in, I think. Maybe, I will blog about the fact that it's Valentines Day on saturday and no, I still haven't found anyone really special to spend it with. But I think the whole idea of Valentines day, is a little bit overrated, shouldn't we always treat the ones we love and cherish kindly and loving? Maybe some think it's something wonderful about getting some flowers, I wouldn't think that. I don't like gifts that doesn't have a thought behind them and something that proves the person, giving the present, has thought about me. You can give me flowers anyday of the year around, when I don't think I would get any, that's when it's the most beautiful and when I know your gift is sporadically and something you do with your heart... Just some of my thoughts...

Tomorrow I will be going away for the weekend, I need to get the tension of my shoulders and just get away for a few days, so I'm going to visit my loveliest Emilia, we'll see what happens up there. No I'm not going to get my head more fucked up, it's like playing russian roulette and that my friends is not something I am particularly very fond of, but to hell with that, I will have fun and I will take care of myself. I sure do want to drink a cosmo up there, or anywhere for that matter... It's like when you are a baby, you are always told that some things are dangerous and you shouldn't touch them, of course you are going to touch it! It is like everthing that is forbidden is the most desirable curse in the whole wide world. Now it's me, myself and I who has cast that forbidden desirable curse on me, it doesn't fit me that well.

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