Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new day has begun and I feel it in my fingertips...

I can't stop thinking about some things that are rushing through my head, first of all, I feel a feeling, I've never felt before and I'm calm about it. I realise that it is exactly what it is, feelings. They are not going to harm me or destroy me, I'm taking this experience and making it to the fullest. I'm calm, yet overwealmed by a happy feeling that I'd always has had in mind like something unatainable, a thing to high to reach, it's mindblowing and to be real for a minute, I'm not even at the top yet... A slow process has been evolving in my body the last five months and now it's given me some fruit to taste, I do love it. Happiness, a feeling so exquisit and so far from where I started that it's now, some words are just to damn hard to express. So I won't do it...

Yeah, today I shopped a little too, a pair of boots which are flat (OMG, is she going to wear flat boots? It's slippery outside...), some new make-up products and of course gifts. I didn't really look for clothes, I want to create them now, it streaks my mind that I really want to create.

I have to start packing again (I've taken a break), everything has to be in the suitcase in the morning, cause even if I'm leaving in the middle of the day, I have stuff to do. Ha!

xo xo

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